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A lock is not questionable till the keys are in a safe pair of hands. What if you lose your key or they are slyly duplicated by someone who means mischief? That’s when you retrospect about the whole situation. For the sake of safety most people get their locks replaced but Gold Locksmith Store gives you a better and economical choice of rekeying locks.  We have extended these rekeying services to several of our customers in the Baltimore, MD area and helped them in saving time and money by not replacing the locks.

When should you get your locks rekeyed?

You can have your locks rekeyed and acquire the new set of keys if you have recently evicted a potentially dangerous tenant. This helps ensure that all the locks are inoperable by the old keys that the previous occupant may be holding on to. You can also opt for the master key system to be fitted in while rekeying locks. This empowers you with greater control over your property.

Rekeying locks - a better option?

Your prime concern when you misplace or lose a key is that it should not fall in wrong hand and is misused. If the existing lock is in perfect condition the locksmith would suggest that you go in for Rekeying locks. After rekeying the lock would only open with the new set of keys. Replacing a new lock increases the expense considerably.  It is advisable to save money on rekeying rather than opting out for costly new locks with the same outcome.

Gold Locksmith Store Baltimore, MD 410-697-2076Replacement is inevitable, if:

  • The lock has been broken
  • The lock is old and rusted
  • The lock is very outdated
  • The lock shows signs of wear and tear
  • You need enhanced security

Call in the experts in rekeying locks:

Locksmiths would often advice a lock replacement without even taking the trouble to heck the lock for re keying; this is how they fleece an uninitiated client, unaware of rekeying process, thus making him purchase a new expensive lock. At Gold Locksmith Store we believe in transparency in all our business deals. We brief the client of all the options upfront and finish the work with minimum expenses incurred on his part. Our expert in rekeying locks will examine the condition of the locks and will rekey them if it is possible; he would only advice to replace the lock as last option.

We are the most trusted locksmiths in Baltimore, MD area, because of our professional approach and work ethics. Call Gold Locksmith Store if you require a rekeying locks procedure done